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Note: The carriers will arrive in the warehouse on May 15th and will be shipped by skydropx.
(The latest version of Eggshell is the one with elongated vent.)

EggShell, a two-stage carrier, provides a comfortable and safe space for furry friends.

☆ Pet Carrier

    During travel, it serves as a pet backpack

  • The transparent bubbles provide excellent views.
  • It has a familiar scent to alleviate nervousness, because it is used as bed at home.

☆ Pet Bed

    At home, it is used as a bed for cats and puppies.

  • It is shaped like an egg, which provides a perfect hiding place for pets.
  • The fluffy pad adapts to bone growth and helps cats sleep comfortably.

Ensure safety: built-in anti-leak harness and safety fence
Easy to clean: all accessories can be disassembled for cleaning
Barrier to bacteria: 99% Ag + negative ion antibacterial rate

Size: 46 x 36.6 x 34 cm, recommended weight 0 ~ 7.5 kg.
(Tip: measure your pet for the perfect size - LENGTH: from neck to base of tail; HEIGHT: from ground to top of shoulder.)

How to stay in HYPER SLEEP ( especially when going out)?

For the best experience
1.  The size of the product is measured manually, there may be a discrepancy of 3-5 cm.

2. Measure the size of your pet before buying to choose the right product, if you do not know how to measure it, you can ask customer service by WhatsApp: (814) 808-5670

3. We will send you a mat for free if you buy the carrier, but each mat varies according to different products.

4. If your pet does not enter the carrier, try to calm it down or guide it with the food.

5. The newly disassembled product may have an odor. It will dissipate over time by placing in a ventilated place.

6. All products have a one-year warranty.