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Jelly backpack

by Purrpy

What do you bring for the picnic? Ham, bread or drinks?
Of course. But never forget your beloved kitty and puppy! Go out with this beautiful backpack, making the trip more enjoyable.

This JELLY backpack is molded from premium, durable fabric for your pet's comfort and safety.

  • The most striking thing about this backpack is its youthful and beautiful colors.
  • There are mesh windows on both sides ensure adequate ventilation. The transparent window in the front allows furry friends to look out.
  • There are non-slip feet on the bottom, which ensure stability when placed on the ground.
  • The shoulder straps are thickened and ergonomic for comfort. It has an additional strap to reduce shoulder pressure.

Size: 30 x 23 x 38 cm.

Recommended weight: 0 - 6 kg.
We recommend measuring your pet to check that it is the perfect size:

Length: From the neck to the base of the tail.
Height: Floor to top of shoulder when sitting.

For the best experience
1.  The size of the product is measured manually, there may be a discrepancy of 3-5 cm.

2. Measure the size of your pet before buying to choose the right product, if you do not know how to measure it, you can ask customer service by email

3. We will send you a mat for free if you buy the carrier, but each mat varies according to different products.

4. If your pet does not enter the carrier, try to calm it down or guide it with the food.

5. The newly disassembled product may have an odor. It will dissipate over time by placing in a ventilated place.

6. All products have a one-year warranty.